Crossing Guard - Part-time

July 14, 2017 - December 31, 2017
Location:Springville, UT
Salary Range:Grade 1, $8.28 - $13.80
Employment Type:Part Time
Department:Public Safety
Description:Under the direction of the Police Support Services Lieutenant and the Chief of Police, ensures the children use the crosswalks in a safe manner as they walk to and from school.

Duties:Crossing Guards shall work to protect and assist children as they walk to school so that the children under their supervision may do so safely. Crossing Guards should help children understand the proper rules and dangers relating to their assigned crossing. Crossing guards must arrive at their assigned location on time each day. Crossing Guards are expected to be familiar with their school administrators,and to maintain a good working relationship with the schools, cooperating whenever possible, with their requests. Crossing Guards are to report any difficulty, malfunctioning equipment or warning devices, faulty or hazardous road conditions, dangerous surroundings, or problems with children or motorists as soon as such notification can be done safely. Crossing Guards are to report any suspicious person to the Police Department, with any possible description (physical description, vehicle description, license plate number, etc.) as soon as such notification can be done safely. They will generally be assigned a particular cross walk or location, and will be given specific times to work, however these location and schedules are subject to change.
Qualifications:Must be able to verbally communicate clearly with children and with motorists. They must be able to pass a background check, and must be reliable. Must meet all legal and Departmental requirements and complete all required training prior to working as a crossing guard.

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